Month: November 2020

Celia Lerman will lecture on legal ethics and artificial intelligence at the fifth edition of the Jornadas Sanisidrenses de Derecho

Celia Lerman will be part of the professional ethics panel in the V Edition of the Jornadas Sanisidrenses de Derecho, organized by the Colegio de Abogados de San Isidro. Based on her background and from a comparative approach, she will lecture on the application of artificial intelligence to the practice of law and its challenges […]Continue reading

Argentina: Best privacy practices in email marketing campaigns — Article Published by Gabriela Szlak and Lucia Suyai Mendiberri in OneTrust’s Data Guidance

When it comes to conducting email marketing campaigns, companies and organizations often have doubts regarding the privacy implications of managing prospects and client’s databases. Marketing agencies themselves, which provide email marketing services and solutions for customers, are often requested to ensure that their service is conducted in lawful manner and complies with international data privacy […]Continue reading

Electronic submission of works deposits with the Argentine Copyright Office

In order to provide higher levels of safety, efficiency, durability and transparency within the works deposit procedure, the Argentine Copyright Office issued Resolution No. 14/2020, dated as of November 2nd, 2020, providing that work deposits related to unpublished and published works, as well as periodicals, could be filed by the Procedures at Distance Platform of […]Continue reading

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