Author: Gabriela Szlak

About Gabriela Szlak

Gabriela Szlak is a lawyer (University of Buenos Aires — UBA, with honors) with postgraduate degrees in eBusiness Management from Georgetown University and the University of Salvador.

    The development and use by citizens of tools that incorporate Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) has advanced at a dizzying pace in recent times. Fortunately, at the international level, measures have been taken such as the “OECD Principles on Artificial Intelligence”, or the “Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence” in the framework of UNESCO, which developed a framework for the responsible development of AI.

    In order to promote and ensure trust and legal certainty in electronic transactions and to promote harmonious and uniform legislation on electronic storage, communication and authentication, as well as identification of persons in IT environments, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay signed the MERCOSUR Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Digital Signature Certificate.

    As of August 3rd, companies providing goods or services in Argentina that are not registered as small or medium sized businesses shall comply with the new customer service and collection management directives set forth by the Secretary of Commerce. These directives also apply if contractors provide the aforementioned services. Lerman & Szlak has prepared a brief guide for the compliance of the new standards.

    A court located in the Province of Tucumán ordered a preventive seizure of the current and future funds held by the debtor of an IOU in a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform operating outside of Argentina, for a total amount of USD 6,500. Given the high volatility of these goods, and the impossibility of depositing them in Argentinean bank accounts, it remains to be seen how this warrant will be implemented.

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