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    The terms and conditions to participate in the National Contest of Innovations – Innovar 2023 promoted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation were published in the Official Gazette. This Contest is a pioneer initiative that encourages innovation and rewards those who dare to invent, design and develop products and services at federal level. […]Continue reading

    To celebrate the International Day for the Protection of Personal Data, we chose to address ‘privacy and data collection for email marketing’, which closely reaches to many of our clients, considering the dilemma they face regarding, on the one hand, the trend to offer an increasingly personalized experience for users, and on the other, the need to respect their privacy and, thus, protect their personal data.

    If your company or organization processes personal data of Argentines as a data controller, please note that the Supervisory Authority on the protection of personal data of Argentina (the Agency for Access to Public Information or “Agency”), has issued updates regarding the registration of foreign companies, as well as the classification, grading and maximum limits of the infringements applicable in the event of non-compliance. Read this article for a summary of these developments.

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