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Lucia is a lawyer (Universidad de San Andrés — Magna Cum Laude), completed the Internet and Communications Technology Law Training Program at the Universidad de San Andrés and is currently a Candidate for the LLM in Law and Economics at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

    The double severance indemnity established in 2019 and extended on multiple occasions, has an end date. Recently, the National Executive Power ordered the gradual reduction of the doubling of the items that correspond to workers in case of dismissal. In this post we tell you about the new scheme.

    At Lerman & Szlak, we are closing the year with team evaluations and a nice gathering to recharge our batteries. On this day, we celebrated our achievements as a team and thought about our next challenges, aiming at always bringing the best quality standards and service to our clients. We are happy about this busy […]Continue reading

    The importance of Family Businesses in Argentina’s economy is indisputable. In fact, the international consulting firm Ernst & Young estimates that around 90% of the country’s small and medium enterprises are family-owned. Beyond the ups and downs of Argentina’s economy, Family Businesses face an additional challenge regarding the management of relationships between partners, which is […]Continue reading

    In Argentina trademarks containing the terms or references to “cannabis”, “marijuana”, “CBD” or a “cannabis leaf image”, are registrable, especially for cannabis plant and its derivatives for medicinal goods — according to most recent modifications introduced by Law N° 27.350 and Regulation‑, but in the last few years, the Trademark Office has also allowed registrations […]Continue reading

    On October 7th, Celia lectured on intellectual property for startups as part of the series of talks organized by the Mendoza Agency for Innovation, Science and Technology. In this opportunity, topics such as value and protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names and technology licenses, tips to consider, were addressed. Also, fundamental agreements for a […]Continue reading

    If you offer services and/or products to consumers or users through standard contracts, be aware that a new regulation is in force which details which clauses will be considered abusive and, therefore, null and void.  The Consumer Defense Law punishes abusive clauses included in consumer contracts by providing that such clauses shall be deemed as unwritten […]Continue reading

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