Start-ups Founders and Investors

Startup Founders and Investors

Start-ups Founders and Investors

  • Legal viability analysis and regulatory framework of the innovative business, especially in the area of technology business, Agrobusiness, FinTech, Health and Medicine.
  • Creation of corporate vehicles in Argentina, the United States of America and other jurisdictions, with strategic planning integrating tax, accounting and labor aspects.
  • Launch set of legal documents between the founders and with third parties, focusing on strategic advice for the alignment of interests: founders agreement / shareholders agreement, with initial investors (Convertible Notes, SAFE, etc.).
  • Protection of the business with a focus on comprehensive and strategic protection: contracts with employees, suppliers (developers, designers, consultants, marketing), contracts with strategic partners (distribution licenses), contracts with customers (licenses for use), NDAs.
  • Preparation for investment processes with angel or institutional investors focused on the strategic assembly of intangible assets and IP portfolios (brands, patents, software, copyrights, domains).
  • Advice to Startups and Investors, Accelerators and Investment Funds in the Analysis of the terms of investment, in the drafting and negotiation of TermSheets, support in rounds of financing, etc.

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