Perhaps that design or model is protectable

Perhaps that design or model is protectable

Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26th. It is a special opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of intellectual property rights in promoting innovation and creativity. At Lerman & Szlak we believe it is essential to develop an effective strategy to protect your intellectual property assets and thus strengthen the competitiveness of your business.

Industrial models and designs that are novel and provide aesthetic or ornamental features may be protectable under property rights. In order to be registered, they must be novel (i.e., there must not be another one like it, nor must they have been disclosed more than six months ago).

By protecting them, they are granted a property right over the industrial model or design. This allows the holder to prevent unauthorized reproduction or imitation and to exclude third parties from manufacturing, offering, importing, exporting, or selling any product in which the registered model or design is incorporated or applied.

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