Corporate Law

Corporate Law

We Understand What Business People Need

We are not afraid to support our client’s vision: We combine focus, technology and creativity to come up with efective legal strategies.

We tackle each case individually and promptly: Our experience allows us to fully grasp the needs of our clients and help them reach their goals.

We know how to address complex issues: We do it with integrity and diligence, including when multiple branches of the law are involved.

We embrace innovation: Remaining in touch with newly established businesses and digital entrepreneurs allows us to wrap our heads around our client’s digital vision and actively participate in it.

We understand our client’s priorities and expectations: Our methods and resolutions go beyond the idea of the zero-sum view. This mindset allows us to get to creative solutions that strengthen our client’s position.

You Need Advice & Execution. We Excel At Both.

  • We offer effective and customized solutions in a context of permanent change.
  • We maintain long-term trust relationships with our clients.
  • We focus on the growth and expansion of the business.
  • We provide forward-thinking advice according to the challenges of the technological context.
  • We define the strategy with value creation in mind.
  • We prioritize negotiation and prevention of conflicts.
  • We defend our clients’ interests in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and litigation.

Services on Corporate Law & Digital Business


CORPORATE LEGAL AFFAIRS. Choosing and incorporating the right entity to develop the business in Argentina and abroad. Drafting of shareholder agreements, investment documents, buy-sell clauses and crafting business exit strategies.


BUSINESS AND ASSET PURCHASES. Due diligence for acquisition of companies or business through transfer of shares, sale of assets or transfer of goodwill. Drafting of Stock Purchase Agreements and Assets Sale Agreements. Registration of assets sales and transfers of goodwill.


CONTRACTS: Drafting and reviewing all types of contracts: with employees, customers, suppliers, partners, investors, etc. Drafting confidentiality, and intellectual property agreements, termination agreements with employees and consultants. Digital, marketing, production, distribution, licensing and franchising contracts, among many others.


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Protecting software and all kinds of works, trademarks, industrial models, designs, patents. Crafting strategies and defending brands in negotiations, mediations, litigation.


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ON THE INTERNET: We manage portfolios of Brands and Domains and create successful strategies for defending and recovering brands and domain names that are crucial for the Company.


REGULATORY FRAMEWORK FOR E-COMMERCE AND DIGITAL MARKETING: Compliance, Privacy and Personal Data, Consumer Defense and defense of competition


Comprehensive Labour Law Counselling and Enforcement


Representation in Negotiations, Mediations, Arbitration and Litigation, including judicial files for all types of commercial litigation and administrative proceedings in matters of Trademarks, Consumer Protection and Competition.

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