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As pi­o­neers in tech­nol­o­gy law with more than fif­teen years of spe­cial­ized aca­d­e­m­ic and pro­fes­sion­al train­ing, to­day we pride our­selves on be­ing suc­cess­ful train­ers and con­sul­tants. An­oth­er im­por­tant as­pect of our oc­cu­pa­tion con­cerns col­lab­o­rat­ing through re­search, teach­ing, and many oth­er ar­eas.

We are able to ac­tive­ly par­tic­i­pate in the af­fairs of lo­cal, re­gion­al, as well as in­ter­na­tion­al or­ga­ni­za­tions, shap­ing the his­to­ry of lo­cal and re­gion­al e‑commerce and da­ta pro­tec­tion, and most im­por­tant­ly – glob­al agree­ments which cre­ate and shape in­no­va­tions.

We form a part of the dig­i­tal ecosys­tem, not on­ly from the le­gal view­point but al­so as en­tre­pre­neurs in Ar­genti­na and Chile, in charge of projects close­ly con­nect­ed to our cur­rent ser­vices. Hav­ing the abil­i­ty to gain ex­pe­ri­ence first­hand gives us in­sight in­to the dy­nam­ic world of brands and tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­nies. Con­se­quent­ly, we are able to tru­ly un­der­stand our clients’ goals and guide them through the process with con­fi­dence.

Ler­man & Szlak In Brief | Mem­ber­ships


Celia is a lawyer (Uni­ver­si­dad Tor­cu­a­to Di Tel­la, Vale­dic­to­ri­an), In­tel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty LLM (Uni­ver­si­dad Aus­tral, with hon­ors) and Mas­ter in the Sci­ence of Law (JSM, Stan­ford Uni­ver­si­ty).


Gabriela is a lawyer (Uni­ver­si­ty of Buenos Aires, with hon­ors) with post­grad­u­ate de­grees in eBusi­ness Man­age­ment from George­town Uni­ver­si­ty and the Uni­ver­si­ty of Sal­vador. She is a reg­is­tered me­di­a­tor and in­dus­tri­al prop­er­ty agent.


Ce­cil­ia is a lawyer (Uni­ver­si­dad Tor­cu­a­to Di Tel­la — UT­DT), and Mas­ter in Law and Eco­nom­ics (UT­DT, with hon­ors). She is a grad­u­ate of the Com­mer­cial Law Pro­gram (Bucerius Law School, Ham­burg, Ger­many).


Sil­via be­gan her le­gal stud­ies at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Buenos Aires’ School of Law & Sci­ence, where she then re­ceived two de­grees in Law and Pros­e­cut­ing in 1974. She al­so serves as au­tho­rized pre-tri­al me­di­a­tor for the Min­istry of Jus­tice of Ar­genti­na.

“What Makes Us Dif­fer­ent Is That We Are Not Afraid To Sup­port Our Clients’ Vi­sion. We Pro­vide So­lu­tions That Are Deeply Prac­ti­cal.”

Celia Ler­man

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