CONICET’s New Regulations For Technology-Based Companies

CONICET’s New Regulations For Technology-Based Companies


Technology-Based Companies (TBCs) are a fundamental element in the CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council) daily activities, as they are based on the knowledge and developments generated by the Council’s researchers, who seek to offer new technological products and services, generate sources of employment, contribute to import substitution and a diversified matrix, and boost investment in research and development.

With this new regulation, the CONICET seeks to increase its support to the TBCs by recovering the obligatory nature of their establishment in Argentina, promoting the growth of their capacities and improving the levels of articulation and public-private investment.

Some of the highlights are: 

– Benefits in research and development projects, and in technology transfer for the TBCs, with the aim of making them more competitive in the market.

– Distribution of 50% of the economic benefits that the CONICET obtains from the licenses granted to the TBCs, among the inventors who are partners of the EBTs.

– Enablement of the network of more than 300 research institutes of the Council in the country to submit proposals for the incubation of new TBCs, facilitating access to its federal infrastructure and equipment, contributing to the generation of local innovation clusters.

– Extension for an additional year of the period of time that researchers can dedicate exclusively to CONICET TBCs.

– Creation of the Technology Liaison Commission to improve the evaluation of trajectories in the EBTs and the weighting of technology liaison activities in general, together with the commissions of large areas.

Through this initiative, the CONICET reaffirms its commitment to support with its trajectory the generation of technology-based companies that contribute to technological innovation, to the increase of private investment in S&T, to federal economic development, to the creation of new sources of employment, to the diversification of the country’s export offer and thus, to the improvement of the quality of life of the entire population.

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