Declaration of use of trademarks in Argentina

Declaration of use of trademarks in Argentina


Buenos Aires, May2019

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Important Information on New Mandatory Declarations of Use

Please be informed thatnew mandatory declarations of use have been recently implemented in Argentina’s Trademark Law N° 22.362, effective June 3, 2019.

  • A declaration of use is now required for all trademarks between their fifth and sixth anniversary from the registration date.
  • The new requirement will apply to all trademarks registered after January 12, 2013.
  • Failure to file the declaration of use will presume the absence of use of a trademark during such period.In such case, the registration could be subject to a cancellation of use request.
  • The legal consequence of not filing the declaration is barring the renewal of the trademark on the 10th anniversary. A renewal willnot proceed until the 5th year declaration is filed, and the corresponding official fees for late filing are paid. Late filing fees add up yearly.

We will be sending separate communications to clients in the coming days, to inform of the specific deadlines falling in 2019–2020 to those trademarks under our management.

We remain available for any questions, which you may direct to our IP team at [email protected].

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