Launch of Argentina Delivers Platform With The Support of Lerman & Szlak

Launch of Argentina Delivers Platform With The Support of Lerman & Szlak


Last week it was launched the Argentina Delivers Platform, a public-private initiative that aims to support, promote and foster Argentina’s IT sector among US companies. 

Lerman & Szlak proudly collaborated by providing legal support to the drafting of legal documents on technology and privacy matters of such initiative.  

The launch was carried out through a series of events on relevant technology topics, addressing with high quality content such as digital trends, cybersecurity, edtech and personal data protection. 

On October 26th, 2022, the event on Personal Data Protection took place with the virtual participation of Gabriela Szlak and Ximena Valle Muro from our firm. Among other topics, it was presented the privacy certification system called CBPR (Cross-Border Privacy Rules System), which arose within the framework of the APEC forum. This initiative proposes data privacy certification with governmental support, so that companies and entities that adhere and go through the certification process, can demonstrate compliance with standards on personal data protection, benefiting companies and consumers, and ensuring that regulatory differences do not generate a negative impact on business, allowing to support innovation. The system is currently in use in 9 jurisdictions: Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States, and they are working on the requirements for the incorporation of new countries as members, which could mean an opportunity for the Latin American region.  The event also included a presentation on the regulatory framework for personal data in Argentina and the changes that could be forthcoming if the current law were to be amended. 

Our firm is honored and proud to collaborate with initiatives such as Argentina Delivers, which support our high quality and relevant IT Sector and which has a huge potential to export high quality services to innovative and demanding markets such as the United States.

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