Lerman & Szlak Celebrates World Intellectual Property Day 2020

Lerman & Szlak Celebrates World Intellectual Property Day 2020


By Natalia Pérez Leon

WIPO established the World Intellectual Property Day on 2000, and its first celebration was held on April 26, 2001. Now, after 19 successful anniversaries, WIPO, its Member States, and both the public & private sectors prepare for the 20th World IP Day milestone. Although the current Covid-19 Pandemic has turned its events into online activities, its 20th observance brings our attention to the topic “Innovate for a Green Future”.

On this occasion, Lerman & Szlak team invites its clients, colleagues and the public sector to get involved in the conversation on Intellectual Property Rights and Climate Change, and how the former is meant to help the latter by protecting the developments and creations aimed to provide sustainable solutions to this problem. Also, we recognize the efforts of our clients towards this issue, and how their businesses and IP rights collaborate to create new and greener industries. Climate Change is a challenge that demands mindfulness and capacity of adaptation from all, including legal services.

The WIPO has remarked that trademarks, software, patents, designs, copyright, and other IP rights are crucial motors to spread awareness on Climate Change, and impulse solutions to secure a healthier environment on the future. Therefore, we are proud to say that our clients rely on technology to build and share better products, services, inventions, and creative works; and that Lerman & Szlak’s team has had the privilege to support their IP Strategies and inquiries while contributing to a more sustainable offer of legal services.

On that note, we highlight WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center’s “eUDRP”, a pioneer model on international online-based filing systems, implemented for arbitration on domain names disputes since March 2010, when all new and ongoing proceedings were set as electronic-only. This change was launched in 2009 after ICANN‘s approval of the WIPO’s amend proposal to allow electronic-only filing of pleadings under the UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy). This system has not only been more efficient, but it also put an end to the wasteful practice of shipping hard copies of complaints, responses, and other paper communications between the dispute parties and the Center all across the world. As national examples, we applaud the transition from paper format to online format made by both USPTO and INPI over the last 2 decades in the US and Argentina, allowing us to operate almost paper free.

These improvements allow to manage IP rights more efficiently, and with a reduced environmental impact. Overall, we are conscious on how every step towards a greener future will benefit our planet, and we are thankful to be able to help the individuals and businesses who are protagonist during this transformation.

In conclusion, Lerman & Szlak recognizes the shared responsibility regarding Climate Change, and the importance of encouraging the agents capable to bring light towards its solutions through IP, especially during defiant times.

For more information regarding World IP Day 2020 and its online activities click here, or contact us at info@lermanszlak.com.

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