Copyright: “My work, my creation, my property?”

Copyright: “My work, my creation, my property?”

Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26th. It is a special opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of intellectual property rights in promoting innovation and creativity. At Lerman & Szlak we believe it is essential to develop an effective strategy to protect your intellectual property assets and thus strengthen the competitiveness of your business.

Works such as software, video games, data compilations, books, poems, texts, and artistic works are copyrightable. It should be noted that original works are protected, NOT IDEAS, i.e., the expression of the idea and as long as it has a creative and individualized expression.

The work has protection since its creation; however, it is essential to make the deposit or registration to enforce your rights as owner of that work.

The intellectual property rights over the work are the reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, disposition of the work: the right to license it, sell the work, edit and publish the work. In principle, these rights correspond to the author, however, it may be that the owner is another person, for example in the case of commissioned works. That is why it is especially important that if you have rendered or outsourced, for example, the development of a software, you protect your rights as the owner of that work.

It is also important to bear in mind that there are moral rights over the work that corresponds to the author.

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