New List of Vi­tal Ser­vices in the Con­text of the San­i­tary Emer­gency

New List of Vital Services in the Context of the Sanitary Emergency


On April 4th a new pub­li­ca­tion in the Of­fi­cial Gazette in­cludes an up­date on new ser­vices con­sid­ered vi­tal by the Gov­ern­ment. There­fore, those who pro­vide one of the fol­low­ing would be able to do so dur­ing the quar­an­tine de­creed on March 20th, 2020:

  • Sale of con­struc­tion sup­plies;
  • Sawmills and fab­ri­ca­tion of wood­en prod­ucts, mat­tress­es and road and field ma­chines;
  • Ex­por­ta­tion of processed goods and im­por­ta­tion of vi­tal goods need­ed for the func­tion­ing of econ­o­my;
  • Fu­mi­ga­tion;
  • Min­i­mum re­quired ser­vices of cred­it unions, in or­der to guar­an­tee the func­tion­ing of the cred­it sys­tem and the chain o pay­ments;
  • Cit­i­zen in­scrip­tion and iden­ti­fi­ca­tion;
  • The pub­li­ca­tion al­so points that ser­vices of main­te­nance of net­work servers are con­sid­ered as vi­tal.

Those who pro­vide one of the ser­vices de­clared by the Gov­ern­ment as vi­tal should get a li­cense for cir­cu­lat­ing dur­ing the quar­an­tine. This li­cense or “Cer­ti­fi­ca­do Úni­co Ha­bil­i­tante para Cir­cu­lación – COVID-19” can be ob­tained by fol­low­ing this link:


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