New List of Vital Services in the Context of the Sanitary Emergency

New List of Vital Services in the Context of the Sanitary Emergency


On April 4th a new publication in the Official Gazette includes an update on new services considered vital by the Government. Therefore, those who provide one of the following would be able to do so during the quarantine decreed on March 20th, 2020:

  • Sale of construction supplies;
  • Sawmills and fabrication of wooden products, mattresses and road and field machines;
  • Exportation of processed goods and importation of vital goods needed for the functioning of economy;
  • Fumigation;
  • Minimum required services of credit unions, in order to guarantee the functioning of the credit system and the chain o payments;
  • Citizen inscription and identification;
  • The publication also points that services of maintenance of network servers are considered as vital.

Those who provide one of the services declared by the Government as vital should get a license for circulating during the quarantine. This license or “Certificado Único Habilitante para Circulación – COVID-19” can be obtained by following this link:

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