The Argentine Supreme Court Allows E-Mail Filings for Complaints and Electronic Issuance of Judicial Decisions

The Argentine Supreme Court Allows E-Mail Filings for Complaints and Electronic Issuance of Judicial Decisions


On April 13, 2020, Argentina has taken a major step forward towards the digitalization of judicial system. This time, the Supreme Court of Justice regulated the filling of complaints remotely and the use of electronic and digital issuance of judicial decisions by all national judges. In consequence, there are now fewer judicial steps that require in-person activity before the court to be completed.

Each court of appeals will have an e-mail address assigned exclusively for the purpose of lawyers filling complaints by those means. Starting April 20th, lawyers will be able to complete and manually sign the existing complaint forms and then proceed to scan and send them to the corresponding e-mail address. The court of appeals will then proceed to assign the case to a judge and send the record of the filling to the lawyer, who must upload to the judiciary online platform copies of the complaint along with its documentary evidence and file them later in paper, in due time.

Regarding the electronic and digital issuance of judicial decisions, it will not be necessary for courts to keep a printed copy. Tribunals will be allowed to issue decisions remotely, only in emergency or extraordinary situations. If such cases, remote decisions will be as valid as if the ruling had been passed in a physical meeting.

The Judiciary still has a long way to go in order to achieve the total digitalization of cases, especially in all matters related to evidence. However, we recognize the many benefits of avoiding showing up in person in court just to file a complaint. While the Supreme Court’s circular has not yet established the exact date in which the court should regard as the date of initiation of the case, we understand that fact will be clarified by the Court in the future in order to avoid confusions regarding laches.

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