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If you offer services and/or products to consumers or users through standard contracts, be aware that a new regulation is in force which details which clauses will be considered abusive and, therefore, null and void.  The Consumer Defense Law punishes abusive clauses included in consumer contracts by providing that such clauses shall be deemed as unwritten […]Continue reading

In a recent blog post, we discussed about the legal framework established by the Ministry of Justice in Resolution Nº 121/2020, regarding the possibility for mediators to carry out Mandatory Mediation’s meetings by using the resources that New Technologies brought up, such as videoconferences.   This time, the Undersecretary for Access to Justice ‑that depends of the aforementioned Ministry– issued Order Nº 7/2020, that includes a brief Guide […]Continue reading

During the last couple of weeks the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labor have set up the general framework to start or continue mediations –in civil or commercial issues- and conciliations –in complaints related to labor law.  Regarding Mediation, resolution Nº 121/2020 of the Ministry of Justice allows the mediator to meet parties –both […]Continue reading

On April 13, 2020, Argentina has taken a major step forward towards the digitalization of judicial system. This time, the Supreme Court of Justice regulated the filling of complaints remotely and the use of electronic and digital issuance of judicial decisions by all national judges. In consequence, there are now fewer judicial steps that require […]Continue reading

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