With the coming into effect of the new Civil and Commercial Code, business developments through franchising are highly regulated. This scenario calls for adequate and specialized legal advice, from the franchise structure formation and all throughout its expansion. In Argentina, franchises must not only comply with the new franchising regulations established by the code, but also a wide array of issues, including pre-formulated standard contracts, Consumer Law, Labor Law and Social Security Law.

Our team has vast experience in the legal structuring of franchising systems. We offer integral and efficient solutions for the design and implementation of new franchises. We continuously provide legal support to important brands in developing their franchises, not only in Argentina but also regionally and internationally.

Our solid experience in Franchising Law complements our legal expertise in Intellectual Property, with the ability to assist our clients in protecting the franchise key assets: its trademarks and operational know how.

Our services in this field include:

  • Designing and creating the most effective legal structure for developing the business through franchising.
  • Analyzing and devising strategies for each business operation to comply with the applicable franchising legal standards.
  • Designing and drafting the legal manual.
  • Designing and drafting a Franchising contract according to the business needs.
  • Designing and drafting all supporting legal documents.
  • Intellectual Property and business due diligence.
  • Designing and implementing a trademark strategy.
  • Drafting intercompany licensing agreementss.

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