Privacy Law & Data Protection

Privacy Law & Data Protection

Data Privacy & Cybsecurity

Privacy and Data Protection have become key legal aspects to consider in every type of business endeavor. We face new international legal standards, driven by global legislative changes, with special impact from the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) in Europe.

The new legal scenario urges us to consider data protection in new business models, to update user privacy policies, to adapt our contracts with providers and clientes, and to regulate the use of technology within the company, among various other aspects.

Our services in this field include:

Privacy and personal data protection have become fundamental legal aspects to be considered in all types of projects and businesses since, in the current context, data constitute intangible assets of very high strategic value. On the one hand, companies are faced with a complex ecosystem of data-based business models and, on the other, with the need to comply with high international standards with direct economic impact. These legal challenges are mainly driven by changes in global regulations with local impact ‑as a result of the milestone of the entry into force of the General Regulation on Data Protection in Europe 2016/679-.

In this dynamic and globalized context where data is a central value for business models, while new rules on the matter arise, it is especially important to make a proper analysis from an international approach but without leaving aside the local perspective, all this with a cost-effective mindset. Also, the analysis should address not only strictly normative aspects but also the strategic protection of the differential and competitive value that the data may have for each specific business.

In this context, our team provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive compliance and auditing advice on privacy, cyber security and data protection issues, from a domestic and international perspective. In particular, our services are aimed at the identification and mitigation of risks, with strategic solutions adapted to the business and based on risk management.
  • Advice on cybersecurity and security incidents.
  • Advice for marketing and advertising projects and actions.
  • Drafting legal documents, internal programs and policies and procedures.
  • In-house training programs on the subject.
  • Guides and/or FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for user communities.
  • Advice on the implementation of best practices required by local and international regulations, both for regulated and non-regulated businesses.
  • Advice and drafting of legal documents on privacy, data protection, IT, cloud services, big data, e‑commerce, automation processes, among others.
  • Advice on the protection and compliance with regulations regarding databases. 
  • Review and implementation of legal documents in line with current local and international standards (contracts with customers and suppliers, user privacy policies, internal company regulations, among others).
  • Counsel and advise on requirements and procedures before administrative and judicial.

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