European Commission Ratifies Free Flow of Personal Data to Argentina

European Commission Ratifies Free Flow of Personal Data to Argentina


To celebrate International Privacy Day on January 28, we are pleased to share that during January, 2024, the European Commission published its review of the adequacy decisions in force, confirming that Argentina continues to be a country which ensures an adequate level of protection for personal data of European residents transferred from the European Union (“EU”). This decision means that personal data can continue to flow freely into Argentina, facilitating the flow of personal data and the transfer of information on a commercial and financial level.

The free flow of personal data means that personal data of European residents can be transferred from the EU to Argentinean organizations and companies, without the need for the personal data exporter to take measures, such as signing specific contracts on the international transfer of personal data to safeguard the rights of the individual data subjects.

This decision means that the European Union, whose standards on personal data protection since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force are among the highest in the world, considers that Argentina’s regulatory framework is adequate in terms of how it protects personal data. 

The decision of the European Commission covers not only Argentina, but 11 countries and territories in the world. The basis for the decision were, among others, the rights that the regulatory framework of these countries and territories grant to individuals in terms of their privacy, the strengthening of the independence and enforcement powers of the supervisory authorities responsible for enforcing personal data protection laws, including effective supervision and redress mechanisms, as well as the modernization of privacy rules, especially those on international transfers.

Upon this review, the European Commission ratifies its decision of 2003, when Argentina became the first country in Latin America to be considered as a country with adequate legislation for the protection of personal data.

The European Commission’s decision can be found here.

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