Lerman & Szlak advised INVENTU and the National University of Rosario on Open Source Intellectual Property for their innovative respiratory emergency device

Lerman & Szlak advised INVENTU and the National University of Rosario on Open Source Intellectual Property for their innovative respiratory emergency device


“We do not always have the opportunity to collaborate with such a significant project. We are grateful to Pablo Schnitman, INVENTU´s attorney and the INVENTU Team who trusted us for the Intellectual Property strategy and we wish them the greatest success, which will be shared with all humanity in the fight against COVID-19”, Celia Lerman, Intellectual Property team leader at Lerman & Szlak

Lerman & Szlak team advised INVENTU, an entrepreneurship started by a group of young Argentine innovators who, with the support of the National University of Rosario, designed “Un Respiro”. This respiratory emergency device, which has already been tested by the medical community and awaits ANMAT’s approval, has wifi and low-cost 4G, and is quickly built, which favors its worldwide manufacture and use during COVID-19 Pandemic.

On its presentation video INVENTU refers that “its main characteristic is that it is scalable  and there are no limits to produce it. Our Design is Open Source so that it can be reproduced in Argentina and in the World…. We will strategically link all the actors necessary to reduce production times. It is a simple machine with few parts, which makes it reliable, economical and easy to maintain.”

Celia Lerman, Gabriela Szlak and their team collaborated with Pablo Shnitman in the Intellectual Property strategy of the respiratory emergency device, which allowed its creators to offer it from Argentina to the whole world with the aim of facilitating the manufacture and distribution of respiratory equipment and thus avoiding its shortage, improving the treatments, and looking to save more lives.

 “As a legal team, we are touched by being able to support a project like “Un Respiro”, which aims to save lives during the pandemic.”, said Gabriela Szlak, who leads the Digital Business team at Lerman & Szlak.

The provided legal advice allowed the consolidation of INVENTUs and UNRs Open Source Intellectual & Industrial Property over this device and its materials such as design and manufacturing information, documents and User manuals. Thus, the equipment can be developed worldwide under a free license for use, manufacture, distribution and sale – with a global scope – for maximum term of 3 years (for more information, see the license available soon here).

We celebrate the inventiveness and solidarity of INVENTU by offering “Un Respiro” through its #SomosOpenSource (“#WeAreOpenSource”) campaign, and we adhere to its motto: “dreaming and doing are two words that must never be separated”.

For more information about “Un Respiro” and its Open Source Intellectual Property strategy click here, you can also read some press articles here and here, or contact us at [email protected].

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