The Draft Text to Regulate Artificial Intelligence in The European Union Was Approved

The Draft Text to Regulate Artificial Intelligence in The European Union Was Approved

The European Parliament has already adopted a negotiating position on the proposed regulation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 499 votes in favor, 28 against and 93 abstentions. With this regulation, which covers the subject comprehensively, the Parliament will go on talks with the Member States of the European Union to get the final text of the law.

Although the development and increased use of these technologies are expected to bring exponential benefits to mankind, it is also true that several risks and potential unwanted or even harmful effects have been identified as a result of these developments. 

In view of this, the proposed regulation, which would regulate this complex issue for the first time, uses a risk management approach, requiring greater limitations and precautions for technological developments that present greater risks to people’s health or rights.

Among the most important points agreed by the Parliament are:

  • A total ban on the use of artificial intelligence for biometric surveillance, emotion recognition and predictive surveillance.
  • That Generative AI systems such as ChatGPT will have to disclose that the content was generated by AI.
  • That AI Systems used to influence voters in elections will be considered high risk.
  • That providers of basic models will have to assess and mitigate potential risks (to health, security, fundamental rights, the environment, democracy and the rule of law) and register their models in the EU Database before launching them on the EU market.
  • Exemptions for research activities and AI components provided under open-source licenses.

The objective of the regulatory framework to be created is to mitigate the unintended impacts of mass adoption of AI use for humanity by promoting the adoption of reliable, human-centered AI that protects health, safety, fundamental rights and democratic institutions in a responsible manner.

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