The best kept secret

The best kept secret

Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26th. It is a special opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of intellectual property rights in promoting innovation and creativity. At Lerman & Szlak we believe it is essential to develop an effective strategy to protect your intellectual property assets and thus strengthen the competitiveness of your business.

The manufacturing and development processes of various products and services, as well as the formulae of well-known beverages and foods, have been protected under a cautious secrecy. In Argentina, the regulations protect industrial secrets provided that (i) they are effectively secret, not known or easily accessible to third parties; (ii) they have a commercial value because they are secret; and (iii) they are subject to reasonable measures to keep the information secret.

In certain circumstances it is advisable to protect the invention by means of secrecy, even though it may be patentable subject matter or protectable by another intellectual property right. This may occur, for example, when the time of protection of the asset by means of patent property rights is not sufficient or relevant for the business.

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