The “Recommendations for a Reliable Artificial Intelligence” Were Approved

The “Recommendations for a Reliable Artificial Intelligence” Were Approved

On June 1st, 2023, through the Disposition No. 2/2023 of the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers – Undersecretariat of Information Technologies published in the Official Gazette, the “Recommendations for a Reliable Artificial Intelligence” were approved, as well as the stages for “Artificial Intelligence Projects”.

The Recommendations seek to provide tools for those who want to carry out public innovation projects through technology, specifically those involving the use of artificial intelligence. 

Among the most important are:

  • The definition that an algorithm can execute, but that the decision must necessarily fall on the person as well as the responsibility.
  • The principles of design, development, implementation and use of artificial intelligence which in turn encompass: proportionality and harmlessness, safety and security, fairness and non-discrimination, sustainability, right to privacy and data protection, human oversight and decision, transparency and explainability, responsibility and accountability, awareness and education, adaptive multi-stakeholder governance and collaboration.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence represents (and will represent) a major challenge for present and future generations. We welcome and embrace this first step in order to advance over its understanding and conscious harnessing.

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