New Internet Domain Regulations in Argentina

New Internet Domain Regulations in Argentina

Disposition 2/2022 issued by the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency has introduced changes in the Internet Domain Name Rules in Argentina, aiming to unify the registration criteria for the first and second level domain names by Nic Argentina. Effective January 12, 2022, Nic Argentina will allow registration of domain names with the following criteria in both levels:

  • Domain names must be composed of valid characters, consisting of the letters of the Spanish and Portuguese alphabets (including “ñ” and “ç”; respectively), accented vowels and vowels with umlauts, numbers and the hyphen “-“;
  • Domain names beginning with the characters “xn--” (x n double-hyphen) or beginning or ending with the character “- ”(hyphen) may not be registered.
  • The minimum and maximum number of characters that may compose an Internet domain name must be between ONE (1) and FIFTY (50), not including those corresponding to the registration zone in question.

Nic Argentina will continue to reject domain applications or revoke domain name registrations, without the need for prior interpellation, when it considers them to be offensive, discriminatory, or contrary to the law, or when they lend themselves to confusion, deception and/or identity theft, or when they have been registered in bad faith.

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